QUEL DE SEMPRE – Vedovalley – Vino Bianco Frizzante – 750 ml


The main characteristic of “Quel de Sempre” is the sediment at the bottom due to fermentation on the lees, which gives the glass its characteristic bright straw yellow color or slightly cloudy appearance when shaken. In addition to the visual aspect, the lees provide the fragrance of bread crust, without covering the fruity notes of apple and pear. On the palate, it presents an intense, fresh, dry, and drinkable taste; the bubble is persistent and fills the mouth.
It can be decanted to savor the clear hints, carefully and delicately separating the sediment, or, if you want to perceive all the aromas that characterize it, you can taste it with the sediment.
Ideal for pairing with fresh or aged cheeses, cured meats, pasta dishes with meat sauce, or entire meals based on fish or shellfish.

The purchase of this product is restricted to legal adults as per applicable law.

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Vedovalley is not just a family-run agricultural company nestled among the picturesque hills of Valdobbiadene, one of Italy’s most prestigious wine regions, but also an immersion experience in Italian culture and tradition. Here, the family dedicates passion and dedication to vine cultivation, proudly following the traditions passed down from generation to generation. Valdobbiadene is a place that not only offers high-quality products but also an opportunity for visitors to discover the authenticity and love for the Italian land.

Quel de Sempre is perfect for all occasions. Its freshness and joyful effervescence make it ideal for accompanying special moments or enjoying daily life.

Store the wine in a place with a constant temperature between 10°C and 15°C. Avoid temperature fluctuations and places that are too hot or too cold. Excessive heat can prematurely age the wine, while extreme cold can damage the cork and cause leaks. Relative humidity should be maintained between 60% and 70%. Use a humidifier if necessary. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, as UV rays can damage the wine. Minimize vibrations around the bottles, as they can disrupt the wine aging process. Keep the wine away from vibrating equipment or high-traffic areas. Label the bottles so that you can easily identify the contents and the purchase or aging date.

The purchase of this product is restricted to legal adults as per applicable law.

This product contains sulfites.

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