Crafted from wood sourced from ancient olive trees, this exclusive cutting board not only adds a rustic and sophisticated touch to your kitchen but also embodies the history and longevity of the olives that generated it.

Each chopping board is a unique piece, with natural grain patterns and a distinctive patina that develops over the years. The solidity and resilience of olive wood ensure a durable and safe working surface for preparing your favorite dishes.

Dimensions and shape of the cutting board may vary compared to the board shown in the photo. Guaranteed minimum dimensions of the cutting board: 40L x 40W x 2.1H. For further information, please contact info@tuquam.com or call 0498258938.

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The ancient olive trees, with their majestic towering figures and gnarled crowns, are a living testimony of the past. These trees, which have often witnessed generations of cultivators and families, are a cultural and environmental heritage of immeasurable value.

The slow growth and longevity of ancient olive trees give them a unique structure and enduring character. Every knot, every wrinkle on the trunk tells a story, and the wood that comes from these trees is steeped in history and tradition.

The choice to use wood from ancient olive trees for the production of cutting boards not only provides a practical and durable working surface but also honors the intrinsic beauty of these iconic trees. Olive oil, produced from the fruits of these olive trees, is renowned for its rich flavor and beneficial properties, and now the wood itself can become an integral part of your kitchen.

The Centuries-Old Olive Wood Chopping Board by Tuquam is not just a utensil but a statement of style and craftsmanship quality.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 44 × 40 × 2,1 cm

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