SAUVIGNON – Lis Neris – 750 ml


The Sauvignon displays good fresh floral typicality and a pleasant savoriness, ideal for dishes rich in fish and fresh cheeses. The 2022 vintage was characterized by an early spring, a warm summer, and a gradual harvest, resulting in concentrated white wines without losing the characteristic freshness of Lis Neris vineyards.

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The vineyards of Lis Neris thrive in the picturesque Isonzo River Valley, a land that gives life to complex and captivating wines. Here, the richness of flavor profiles blends with elegance and finesse, a result of significant temperature fluctuations during the summer, which promote the aromatic concentration of the grapes and the perfect balance of acids.
The history of Lis Neris is a tale of dedication and passion passed down from generation to generation. Located in San Lorenzo, where the hills of Collio meet the vast glacial plains of the Isonzo Valley, this winery is surrounded by enchanting landscapes, with vineyards marking the rhythm of the days.
In the 1980s, Lis Neris embraced a new production mentality, constantly striving to improve the quality of its wines. This commitment is evident in the meticulous care of the vineyards and in the production of wines that reflect the unique terroir of this region.
Harmony with the land is fundamental for Lis Neris, which eschews chemical weeding, reduces phytosanitary treatments, and maintains the soil with cover crops. This environmentally respectful approach allows the vines to develop natural defenses, yielding high-quality fruits without the need for dense foliage cover.
The winery itself is an example of sustainability, fully integrated into the surrounding environment. The use of a photovoltaic system provides solar energy, ensuring energy self-sufficiency and reducing environmental impact. Lis Neris is an example of how respect for the land and the environment can be the key to creating exceptional wines.

Purchasing this product is restricted to users of legal drinking age according to applicable law.

This product contains sulfites.

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