Sun-Dried Tomatoes with Capers and Caperberries feature a combination of high-quality ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes, intensely flavorful, are the key element of this preparation. Caressed by extra virgin olive oil, they become soft and succulent. Capers offer their salty note, while caperberries, caper buds, add a vibrant and aromatic touch. Wine vinegar, salt, and black pepper help balance the elements, while oregano and chili pepper add depth and a hint of spiciness. Garlic completes the ensemble with its distinctive aroma. Sun-Dried Tomatoes with Capers and Caperberries can be enjoyed as appetizers, in salads, or as a complement to main courses.

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Virgona’s farm was established to complement a long winemaking tradition, contributing to the enhancement of Salina’s wine production, given the economic, social, historical, and cultural significance that this sector has always had on the island.
The Aeolian Islands, shaped like a Y (Ypsilon), with Salina, the ancient Dydime, at its center, are twin islands formed by two ancient extinct volcanoes: Mount Fossa delle Felci and Mount dei Porri, now protected by a nature reserve. Within the 27 square kilometers of this lush volcanic land, there is a variety of environmental and scenic resources that constitute a heritage to be tenaciously preserved.
Salina is divided into three small municipalities: Malfa on the northern side, Santa Marina on the eastern coast, and Leni in the southern hinterland. Each year, it is a sought-after destination for thousands of tourists enthusiastic about the beauty the island offers with its crystal-clear and uncontaminated waters, considered a true paradise for divers. It features beaches, coves, and grottoes for boaters, sea-sculpted cliffs, and spectacular sunrises and sunsets with kaleidoscopic colors.
Salina is the island that more than others has been able to preserve its rural soul and maintain the typical, genuine, and authentic nature of its traditional economy, based on caper cultivation and the production of the famous Malvasia wine.
The island’s vibrant colors and intense fragrances are also captured and reinterpreted in the variety of its cuisine, offering various interpretations of the local gastronomic tradition.

Sun-dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, capers, cucunci (caper berries), wine vinegar, salt, oregano, chili, garlic, black pepper.

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Nutritional Values per 100 g:

Energy: 3253 kJ / 775 kcal
Fat: 68 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 9.4 g
Carbohydrates: 41 g
of which sugars: 28 g
Proteins: 11 g
Salt: 5.2 g

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