Straw-yellow color and fine perlage. Delicately floral. The taste is soft and creamy, with a subtle but distinctly fragrant aroma of ripe fruit, accompanied by subtle notes of white flowers and, possibly, even toasted nuts (almonds and hazelnuts). The pleasant taste of the wine, its freshness, and softness recall the delicacy of silk.

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“Corte” is not just a word but an integral part of the history and etymology of the Franciacorta region. Its most reliable meaning seems to date back to the Middle Ages when these lands, drained and administered by Benedictine and Cluniac monks, enjoyed tax exemptions and privileges. It was, in fact, a zone of “curtes francae,” or free courts.
“Aura” is a name with even more ancient origins. In Greek mythology, she is a nymph, the daughter of Peribea and Lelanthus, with movements as swift as the wind. Derived from the Greek “alos” (crown), it defines that subtle field of luminous energy, invisible to normal perception. Aura is, therefore, positive energy, the invisible light that surrounds and animates all living beings. A place where a bubble opens for us and is rich in positivity and joy.
Corte Aura has combined these two words into a single name as a tribute to their land, a magical breath of life that can make the fruit of hard work something unique and superior.
Franciacorta is a hilly area in the province of Brescia, Lombardy, near Lake Iseo. Thanks to its unique geological history, the Franciacorta region enjoys an incredible richness of minerals that form the fundamental basis for quality agriculture.
Corte Aura is located in Adro, a town in the southwestern part of the province of Brescia, at the foot of Monte Alto, at an altitude of 271 meters above sea level and about six kilometers from Lake Iseo. Monte Alto protects the vineyards from the wind and fog and creates a temperate climate ideal for vine cultivation. The presence of three bunches of grapes in the municipal coat of arms is just a testament to how the vocation of this small town and its territory for viticulture has ancient roots dating back to the 1500s.
Corte Aura has vineyards scattered in different municipalities in the Franciacorta region, only in particularly suitable areas. Each of our parcels is individually evaluated with careful “diagonal testing,” where the grapes are tasted in different areas, from the periphery to the center, to carry out selective, judicious, and timely harvests.

The purchase of this product is reserved for adults in accordance with applicable law.

This product contains sulfites.

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